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"Garrett Pierson is a perfect example of someone who understands
what it takes to be a success and is willing to live out those principles as an example to others.
A new face on the business scene, Garrett is one to watch!"

- JOEL COMM, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Twitter Power

What if life was so simple that all you did was sit around doing exactly what you wanted to do – and you automatically made money doing what you loved with half the effort?

This is exactly what I asked my self one fateful day three years ago as I laid in bed doing something I hated, not making the money I deserved, and putting way too much effort into someone else’s dreams.

That morning as I laid there sick and helpless, I began asking simple but profound questions about the nature of life- my life. Questions like:

  • "If I’ve been doing my best then is my best ever going to be good enough?" And:
  • "Could this dead end 76 hour a week job really be all there is, and am I going to be doing this the rest of my life?" And:
  • "What is it that he/she is doing for a living and why are they so happy?" And:
  • "There must be a better way to get me where I want to be in life. But what is it?"
That’s when it hit me. (Right between the eyes!)

I realized that there were very successful people all around me. (Family, friends, acquaintances.) To my left, to my right, they were all around. I just had to follow what they were doing, right?

If that’s true, I reasoned, then it was time to start asking these Success Mentors (as I call them) questions about their lives, businesses, and their souls. This is the very exercise that changed everything!

I continue to have struggles in my life, but the difference with me today is that I have found my passion and I am getting paid to do it, resigned from that horrible job, making a lot more money, and I’m happier than ever!!!

Everything I have learned over my life and from these success mentors, I have bundled up into a exciting and very simple BOOK. Continue reading to learn how you can get your hands on my book for FREE.

But first let me ask you something….

“If you could ask 30 successful people 10 questions
about their lives, what would you ask?”

Here are the thirty successful people I personally interviewed no-holds-barred on their successes in life, business, and soul. Be sure to continue reading below and find out the exact questions I asked them…

Ryan Lee

Fitness/Online Entrepreneur. Ryan Lee went from a broke gym teacher in the Bronx, NY to a millionaire by doing one thing… Ryan turned his passion (in his case, his passion for fitness) into recurring revenue. Ryan has recently been featured in major media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Entrepreneur, Paypal Radio, and was on the cover of Millionaire Blueprints magazine. Now, Ryan is dedicated to helping others achieve the “ultimate lifestyle” by bringing his action oriented step-by-step blueprints to the public.

Talane Miedaner

Master Certified Coach, the highest designation one can receive in the coaching industry and certified by the International Coach Federation. Talane is the author of the international bestseller, Coach Yourself to Success (Jan 2000, Contemporary/McGraw-Hill) and The Secret Laws of Attraction (McGraw-Hill, July 2008). She also speaks and leads seminars around the world. The owner and founder of Lifecoach.com, an international directory of the most highly trained coaches in the world.

Russell Brunson

Started his online business 5 years ago with $20 and a simple idea. At the time he was wrestling at Boise State University and within a year of graduation had sold over a million dollars of his own products and services from his basement. He has been featured in ABC, NBC and Fox news teaching beginners how to start their own online businesses. He consistently makes well over $100k a week and is on target to do over 10 million dollars in sales this year alone.

Maritza Parra

(Product Queen) - Maritza Parra trains and coaches entrepreneurs to use the principles of self-empowerment combined with easy and powerful tools of the Internet to create financial freedom and abundance. After being featured on "Oprah & Friends: The Soul Series" Maritza became an expert at creating products quickly via TeleSeminars, eBooks, Video and other Easy Product Creation Strategies. Known as the Product Creation Queen, Maritza now teaches her students how to create products from their gifts, knowledge and talents. Author of Click and Grow Rich Online.

Alex Mandossian

Since 1991, Alex Mandossian has generated over $233 million in sales and profits for his clients and partners via "electronic marketing" media such as TV Infomercials, online catalogs, 24-hour recorded messages, voice/fax broadcasting, Teleseminars, Webinars, Podcasts and Internet Marketing. Alex has personally consulted Dale Carnegie Training, NYU, 1ShoppingCart Corp., Mutuals.com, Pinnacle Care, Strategic Coach, Trim Spa and many others.

Robert Ycmat

Currently the Product Line Marketing Manager at 3M Health Information Systems. A great father, mentor, and friend. Bob has built many successful businesses over the years including a successful Therapy company that changed my life forever.

Monikah Ogando

(The Business Explosion Coach) - Monikah is a highly skilled facilitator and charismatic speaker. With workshop and platform experience, she continues to inspire her audience through her passion for business development, leadership effectiveness, individual accountability and the values that guide excellence. Here company Ogando Associates was featured in the INC 500.

Michelle Macphearson

Focuses on making search engine optimization and social media marketing effective for the internet marketer and online entrepreneur. She has helped hundreds of customers gain online visibility with her software products and most recently the CrowdMountain member-only training platform. Staying on the cutting edge of the most effetive, new and promising online marketing techniques is her passion and she shares what works on her blog, via Twitter and through her products.

Raymond Aaron

The nation's number #1 success and investment coach, has committed his life to teaching people just like you how to utilize his powerful goal setting strategies and life management tools to dramatically change your life for the better. New York Times top ten bestselling coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul. Claim your free www.GIFTfromRAYMOND.com to help you clean your messes, get out of debt and double your income.

Maria Reyes McDavis

Maria Reyes-McDavis is a wife, mother of 3, Churchill Honors Scholar, MBA graduate, and CEO of Peas & Carrots, Inc -- a global integrated marketing agency, celebrating over 10 years of award-winning success. Peas & Carrots Inc. provides results-driven social and internet marketing consulting/development to companies, organizations, and progressive entrepreneurs. Maria is also co-founder of the Impact Marketing Zone, a new media marketing company specializing in non-profit, ministry, and cause-driven social marketing. She is currently pursuing her PhD with a dissertation/research focus on megatrends within social technology and their implications in business/marketing.

Mike Filsaime

Author, software developer, renowned speaker, personal coach, business consultant, and most of all... an intensive marketer. Mike Filsaime was the General Manager of one of the nations largest Auto Dealers. 14 years in the auto business along with his education at New York Institute of Technology in Computer Science and Business Administration has allowed Mike to understand Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Customer Service, and long term Business Principles and how to use the Internet to leverage these items to new successes.

Joel Comm

is an Internet entrepreneur who has been online for over twenty years. In 1995, he launched WorldVillage.com, a family-friendly portal to the web which enjoys thousands of visitors each day. He is the co-creator of ClassicGames.com, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 1997, and is now known as Yahoo! Games. He is the author of the New York Times Best Seller, "The AdSense Code", and Host & Executive Producer of "The Next Internet Millionaire", the world's first competitive Internet reality show. Also author of bestseller "Twitter Power".

Noah St. John

Author of The Secret Code of Success, Noah St. John reveals his 7-step system for more wealth and happiness. Noah's work is endorsed by Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield and Harvey Mackay, and he has appeared on CNN, ABC, NBC, and in The Washington Post. Since 1997, Noah has taught thousands of people in over 40 countries the simple steps to enjoy more wealth faster, easier and with far less effort.

Matt Bacak

Entrepreneur Magazine e-Biz radio show host became a "#1 Best Selling Author" in just a few short hours. "The Powerful Promoter" is not only a sought-after internet marketer but also has marketed for some of the world's top experts whose reputations would shrivel if their followers ever found out someone else coached them on their online marketing strategies.

Joselin Mane

CEO of LITBeL and former Product Manager at Lotus Software, IBM Software Group. Joselin is a passionate Internet Marketing Consultant with 20 years of computer technology experience. Add his 8 years of Online Marketing experience and 10 years of Business Development experience, and you get a powerful combination that is rarely seen in this new media market.

Carolyn Ellis

Founder of Brilliance Mastery ™, a program that helps women entrepreneurs own their brilliance so the mission of their business can be communicated clearly, powerfully and profitably. Carolyn is the creator of the THRIVE Principles ™, founder of Thrive After Divorce, and the award-winning author of The 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting: What to Avoid to Help Your Children Thrive after Divorce. Her free bi-weekly ezine, The THRIVE Guide, which offers practical and effective tools for living your greatest life is read by thousands of subscribers from around the world. Carolyn has a graduate degree from Harvard University, and is a Master Integrative Coach and Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator.

Paul Colligan

CEO of Colligan.com Inc. and manages several popular Internet properties that include Podcast Secrets, Automate Sales, The New Media Inner Circle, and PremiumCast.com. He has presented at events around the world that include Google Tech Talks, The New Media Expo, The European Business Podcasting Summit, Stomper Live Events, Internet World, Linux World, Mac World, Commission Junction University, Big Seminar, the X-10 Seminar, and Microsoft Tech-Ed.

Alejandro Reyes

Internet & Social Media Marketer, entrepreneur, blogger, connector, speaker, family man and runs Successfool.com - a blog for entrepreneurs & internet marketers on understanding and using social media to better connect with their audience, build rich relationships, and become a Rockstar online.

Sherman Hu

Producer & host of a weekly web TV show, the "Half Hour Huddle" at ShermanHu.tv, simplifies and demystifies new media so business owners can profit from it. Thousands of business owners have studied & deployed their own blogs, podcasts, videos, social media & web marketing campaigns through his step-by-step tutorials, web TV show or engaging workshops. A husband in love and proud parent to 2 fabulous children who are homeschooled, Sherman is thrilled to define his definition of success as the love and respect of his family and closest friends.

Ron Hudson

CEO at Success Strategies Research International, Inc. Author, award winning blogger, radio host, CM.NLP. Strategic Influence, Social Influence Web 2.0 Influence Advisor. He has had the privilege of training sales people at companies such as Coldwell Banker, Dean Witter, Goldmine Software Corporation, New York Life, Cellular One, Lexus, Pitney Bowes and others. He also trains small business owners, authors, speakers, coaches, and consultants on how to quickly and profitably grow their customer base.

Michael Angelo Caruso

Has delivered over 2,000 presentations and keynote speeches on the subjects of conflict resolution, team leading and pro-active communication. He is founder and President of The Edison House LLC, an international consulting firm specializing in corporate and personal improvement. Edison House, LLC clients include Bank of America, Citgo, Rayovac, Hallmark, The National Institutes of Health, Verizon Wireless and the United States Navy.

Justin & Chauna Brooke

Justin and Chaunna work side by side from home on their business of helping other business achieve high performance websites. Justin knows what it takes to become successful, he started his business with a $2/day budget from a corner in his mom's house.

Scott Brandley

CEO Trust Guard™. Scott's passion is to help website owners maximize their traffic and online sales, which is clearly evident in the products and services he has helped bring to market, which include: Trust Guard™, S.C.O.R.E., Split Testing Pro, and many other important products and services helping others succeed.

Justin Wheeler

President of Leucadia's Asset Management Group, and is responsible for Leucadia's $2 billion of operating assets and investment partnerships. Mr. Wheeler holds an M.B.A. from Brigham Young University and a B.S.,B.A. in Finance and French from Utah State University.

Dave Brandley

Owner of Global Marketing Strategies and Trust Guard™. Dave has been in the computer industry for over 20 years, and was a pioneer in Internet Marketing. He has created many products together over the years that have helped thousands of business owners' increase their traffic and conversion.

Dr. Randy Chatelain Ph.D.

Dr. Chatelain is an Associate Professor of Family Relations. He teaches Family Studies courses in the Child and Family Studies Department, including: Marriage as an Interpersonal Process, Stress in the Family, Family Processes, and Family Life Education Methods. Dr. Chatelain is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He is a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist.

Tom Kunz

Was appointed president and chief executive officer of Century 21 Real Estate LLC in June 2004. CENTURY 21® is the franchisor of the world's largest residential real estate sales organization providing comprehensive training, management, administrative and marketing support for the CENTURY 21 System.

Peter Parks

Peter Parks is a web 2.0 traffic and social media specialist, who has shown Companies, and clients how to brand themselves using the power of web 2.0 and social media. As a web 2.0 traffic generation specialist Peter has helped his clients produce millions of dollars leveraging free web 2.0 traffic. Peter Has Also Been Mentored By Internet Marketing Legend Frank Kern & Super Affiliate Ewen Chia. Now Giving Back To The Internet Marketing Niche.

Paul Pierson

Is the best successful father on this earth. He just happens to be my father. Paul has been a successful business man for the past 25 years helping companies improve their bottom line by providing top notch project management tools and improvements. My dad is someone that I have always looked up to because he knows "What Success Takes."

Daniel Brusilovsky

Teenage media producer, entrepreneur, consultant and student. His passion is for technology, specifically Web 2.0, online media and startups. Started his career in technology in early 2006 with his first job as an IT Associate. During that time he got involved in media content; both producing and distributing. Daniel began his first podcast, Apple Universe, in April of 2007. In February of 2008, Daniel founded and is currently CEO of Teens in Tech.


What an electrifying group of people! The secrets that they shared with me have had an overwhelming impact on my success and I want to share with you how you can get access to all of their incredible interviews in a minute but first…

Here are the amazingly simple but powerful questions I asked them which aligned directly with the chapters of my book:

Ch.1 (Failure is the Key) – How has failure helped you to become more successful?
Ch.2 (The Successes of Life) – What would you consider to be the three greatest successes you could achieve in your lifetime? Why?
Ch.3 (The Successes of Business) – What are the hallmarks of successful businesses?
Ch.4 (Top Ten Lies of Success) – What have you learned about success that is different than what you earlier believed about it?
Ch.5 (Mind, Body & Soul) – How does success affect your personal well-being? How does your personal well-being affect your success?
Ch.6 (The Climb) – What have you enjoyed the most in your efforts to achieve success?
Ch.7 (Building Social Equity) – How does success, or lack thereof, affect your relationship with others?
Ch.8 (Success is Easy) – What comes relatively easy to you? How did you discover that talent?
Ch.9 (Back to Reality) – What are the greatest challenges that impair your success? How do you overcome those challenges?
Ch.10 (What Success Takes) – What does it take to be successful?

"Garrett's book will change the way you view life!"
"Garrett's book will change the way you view life. He gives you daily insights into the life skills you take for granted. Let this young man become a mentor to your life successes."

- Raymond Aaron, New York Times top ten bestselling coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul


"I'm a huge fan!"
"Garrett Pierson is a bright young visionary on the scene, passionate to helping others reach success in their lives. He's clever, insightful, engaging and committed to making a difference in the world. I'm a huge fan!"
- Carolyn Ellis, Author, Trainer and Founder of Brilliance Mastery


"Garrett Pierson, for me, is the true leader from behind!"
"Garrett Pierson, for me, is the true leader from behind. When he's not noticed, is when he does everything right. That is the true definition of a leader, to be invisible, to engage and enroll others, rather than command and control them, which is a leader from the front. It's been an honor and a privilege for me to be interviewed and associated with him, because I approach what he knows with a beginner's mind."

- Alex Mandossian, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Improver and Electronic Marketer.


"Garrett Pierson is definitely a Natural!"
"In The Secret Code of Success, I talk about the Naturals of Success - people who are unconsciously competent at allowing themselves to succeed.

Garrett Pierson is definitely a Natural. He's one of those guys you want to hate because he's so successful and so young too! But don't hate him because he's successful. Garrett is a warm, caring person who really wants to help others succeed. Learn from him, study him, and take advantage of what he has to offer."

- Noah St. John, author of The Secret Code of Success

Now you might be thinking to yourself, "Can it really be as easy as asking some successful people some questions and then all of the sudden I will be successful too?" That is not even close to what I have said. I just don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, so I decided to research and find out what successful people do and then do my best to do what they are doing. Why reinvent the wheel if the wheel is already working?

Bottom line is, I want you to be successful and if you feel that you already are successful then I want to help you get to the next level in your life and business.

So here is exactly what you will be getting today:

Abridged Version CD of my book "What Success Takes" shipped directly to your home or office! In this audio version of my book you will receive all 10 chapters where I reveal why "Failure is the Key" – "Top Ten Lies of Success" – and why "Success is Easy".

My book will help you change the way you think about your life and soul. My perspective on success is unique, simple, and easy-to-follow.

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Body for Life Grand Champion Joel Marion. Joel Marion
July’s interview will be with Larry Benet (The Connector).   Larry Benet
August Interview with Barbara Roemer of Success Mastery Program.   Barbara Roemer

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Naked Fear - My 10 minute discourse on Fear (eBook and all audio files). Here I discuss what I learned from 8 kids all under the age of 11 on a boating trip that changed my perspective on why humans are fearful and how we can overcome this terror with a little help from others around us. Plus how we can help others overcome the fears that are slowing them down everyday of there lives.

Hear What Others Are Saying About What Success Takes!


"I truly believe that your book "What Success Takes" has shelf-life."
True story: I was reading your book and my 10 yr old son asked me what I was reading. I told him it was a book called "What Success Takes" and I started to explain the concept of the book. He said, "What do you mean successful people? Do you mean like rich?" I told him that being rich might be one way to define success and before I could explain anymore concepts, he interrupted with a profound, "READ IT!" My response to him was, "YOU read it!"

Garrett, you've done a great job showing that there are many ways to be successful and it all starts in your mind. The questions you ask during your interviews force those being interviewed to really dig deep and think about their answers which in turn makes the knowledge that they share pure gold!

I truly believe that your book "What Success Takes" has shelf-life. This is a book that you can (and should) read often because you'll pick up new golden success tidbits each time you read it.

If you were to ask me if I'd recommend this book to my own family members than my answer would be simple...I wouldn't just recommend it, I'd buy them a copy of their own for the following reasons:

1) The info shared in these pages are priceless and will help them.

2) I don't want to give up my copy!

Great job buddy!

- Vinnie Vasquez


"A one-of-a-kind book from a one-of-a-kind person!"
Garrett's success, passion, and determination is a great inspiration to me in my personal life. His friendship has lead me to opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise and his success has motivated me to follow in his footsteps. While he his humble, his accomplishments speak for themselves. This book teaches you the value of hard work, motivates you to take initiative, and inspires you to reach the finish line. A one-of-a-kind book from a one-of-a-kind person.

- Jordan Kasteler,
Co-Founder of Search & Social


" Garrett shows you how to move forward and live a balanced life."
Nuggets of wisdom shared in "What Success Takes" touched so many chords - emotional, logical, physical and spiritual.

I didn't anticipate taking a stroll back through Failure Lane when reading this book. However, Garrett Pierson, shares the value of reflecting on failures, hardships and trials while identifying lessons learned from tough times. Having personally experienced loss of an established and growing business and consequential health challenges (due to factors out of my control), memories of the not-so-distant past became vivid again. I grabbed onto every word about the importance of embracing failure as a necessary step to success.

Two key takeaways stood out:

"Each failure in your life will increase your chances for success."
"Fail with movement."

Successful people get up and keep moving. Garrett shows you how to move forward and live a balanced life.

The book explores the importance of key ingredients: faith, desire, consistency, action, self control. Add an unwavering desire for excellence as a lifelong journey. You have the recipe for accomplishing your goals.

People want to be around successful people. Applying the principles in "What Success Takes" will result in more than success. You'll have deeper relationships as well.

-Dana Lookadoo,
Conversational SEO Consultant
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In other words, it's not YOUR fault you're afraid of failure, you just need a new strategy that makes it easier to get where YOU want in Life, Business, and Soul.

P.P.S. My new book "What Success Takes" will show you how to give your life the critical change, balance, and energy you deserve.

Learn from Success Mentors such as "Alex Mandossian, Talene Miedaner, Raymond Aaron, Monikah Ogando, Noah St. John, Michele Macphearson, Russell Brunson, Maritza Parra, Mike Filsaime, Ryan Lee, Joel Comm, Paul Colligan, Sherman Hu, Alejandro Reyes, and many more!"

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